Meet Hala.

Hala is a robot receptionist designed to explore algorithms for human robot interaction in a mixed cultural setting. She is not your typical robot; quite the opposite. She speaks formal Arabic and American English with no local dialect. She has a personal background and personality unique to her.

Dressed in a smart navy jacket and Carnegie Mellon scarf, Hala is ready to answer questions in both English and Arabic. You type a question, and she’ll say the answer aloud. She can give directions to an office or a classroom, tell you where to get a cup of coffee or just chit chat about her life in Doha. When she is feeling bored, Hala even reaches out and tries to initiate conversations with passersby.

Hala Project

Read about the unique research behind building a bilingual, multi-cultural robot.


Meet the team behind the creation!


Hala is sponsored by Carnegie Mellon University in Qatar and the Qatar National Research Fund (QNRF).